21 May 2024

ClimateVision: You accessible platform for climate risk assessment

Are you looking for an accessible solution to integrate the effects of climate change in an infrastructure or industrial project? ClimateVision Pro allows you to precisely understand how the meteorological assumptions used during prospecting and design will evolve in the future.

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The First Step Towards Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Energy, transport, telecommunication… major infrastructure projects incorporate numerous meteorological assumptions. From maximum temperature to extreme winds and sea level. With climate change, these assumptions can quickly become obsolete, threatening the safety and profitability of projects. This is why more and more project owners, financiers, and insurers are demanding consideration of climate change effects from the design phase.

Leveraging its unique expertise in automated climate data processing, Callendar offers a simple and accessible solution. With ClimateVision Pro, you can access up-to-date values and future projections for the assumptions you need. Designed for industrial players and large infrastructure operators, ClimateVision Pro enables you to integrate the latest scientific data into your projects quickly and cost-effectively, anywhere on the planet.

Benefits of ClimateVision Pro

  • Trusted: Access local climate data, based on the latest IPCC projection and state-of-the-art methodologies
  • Accessible: Get a comprehensive, clear report for any point on the planet quickly and without specific skills or expertise
  • Flexible: Choose the scenarios, variables and indicators relevant to your project from a vast, up-to-date catalogue
  • Operational: Benefit from a ready-to-use tool, developed with industry experts and aligned with your sector’s professional standards and norm

Deliverables and Topics Covered

ClimateVision Pro allows you to understand how the assumptions used in your infrastructure project will evolve with climate change.

Once you provide us with the location of your project, we deliver within 7 days:

  • A report on local climate evolution (.docx file in English)
  • The raw and intermediate data (.xlsx files) for your own calculations and verifications
  • A user guide detailing all sources and methodologies used, their potential limitations, and scientific references

The content can be tailored to your needs. Indicators are based on current professional standards (ISO, API…). They can include, for instance, the assessment of average and extreme temperatures, precipitation, wind extremes, sea level, or maximum wave height.

All indicators are based on the latest scenarios and projections from the 6th IPCC report.

How It Works

Callendar’s mission is to accelerate climate change adaptation by facilitating access to projections. Even though detailed scientific data is available, using it to answer real questions about climate evolution remains complex and costly. To address this challenge, we developed a unique approach: automating the study of climate change effects.

Callendar's solution to accelerate the study of climate change effects

Our solution to drastically reduce the cost and duration of climate risk studies

ClimateVision Pro is the result of experience gained since Callendar’s founding in 2019. With users in the most sensitive industrial sectors (nuclear, O&G…) and public applications totaling several tens of thousands of users per year, Callendar has unmatched experience in France.

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