23 January 2023

Climate Risks: Our Latest Studies and Publications

French start-up Callendar specializes in assessing the effects of climate change at a local level. Our mission is to accelerate adaptation by helping organizations and individuals understand climate risks and make informed decisions to reduce them. We regularly publish studies on the human, economic, or industrial impacts of climate change.

Industrial Wildfire Risk in the Age of Climate Change: A Study of French Seveso sites

Etude Callendar de l'évolution du risque incendie pour les sites Seveso français en fonction de l'évolution du climatSeveral recent fires in France and abroad have shown that important industrial sites can be affected by wildfires. As climate warming and aridification increase the risk of forest fires in Western Europe, to what extent is the French industry exposed to this hazard?

This study quantifies the risk of fire in relation to climate change for all Seveso sites in mainland France located near wooded areas.

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Climate Change and Air Conditioning: What are the Technical and Societal Challenges?

Etude Callendar-Colombus sur l'impact du réchauffement climatique et de l'équipement en climatisation pour le système électriqueIn June 2021, a historic heatwave hit the western part of the American continent, causing several hundreds of deaths. This heatwave also led to a surge in demand for air conditioning units and, locally, power outages caused by network congestion. Could the same thing happen soon in France?

To answer this question, this study, conducted jointly by Callendar and energy consultancy Colombus, simulates the need for air conditioning in a residential area during a heatwave in the upcoming decades and its effects on electricity consumption.

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Real Estate and Sea Level Rise: The French Market Facing the Risk of Flooding

Etude callendar sur le risque de submersion de l'immobilier côtier avec l'élévation du niveau de la mer

Global warming will lead to a rise in sea level and increased risks of flooding and coastal inundation for properties located near the coast. To what extent are French people unknowingly buying properties that will become submersible in the coming decades?

Callendar has mobilized its climate risk analysis tools and quantified the probability of flooding by 2050 and 2100 for 16 million real estate transactions concluded between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2021.

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Report: Saudi Aramco faces serious risks from climate change

Etude callendar : quels sont les risques climatiques pour Saudi AramcoThe initial public offering of Saudi Aramco, the Saudi national oil company, was one of the largest financial transactions in history. In the prospectus issued to investors, Saudi Aramco acknowledges that climate change may have adverse effects on its business and results.

This report assesses the nature and extent of these risks. It shows that Aramco’s operations are vulnerable to rising temperatures, rising sea levels, increased extreme precipitation events and aridification of the Arabian Peninsula.

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