12 August 2021

Our products

Callendar’s ClimateRating™ is a range of synthetic climate risk analysis. It allow users to quantify projected changes in climate hazards at the desired time and space scale – from portfolio to building. They are based on high-resolution, forward-looking risk analysis from global and regional circulation models, combined with downscaling techniques and data-driven local hazard.

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Callendar ClimateRating™

Callendar ClimateRating quantify physical climate risk around the world. Thanks to an detailed past weather database and to the most up-to-date projections for next century, our ratings provide a clear and trustworthy answers to a fundamental question: “Can the current and future climate lead to extreme weather that impacts my locations of interest?”

ClimateRating employs dozens of the scientific community’s most respected climate models, coupled with land use and elevation data. Machine learning models are use to predict how climatic evolutions will impact hydrology, wildfire, severe weather, and more. To ensure transparency and explicability, each rating includes a detailed methodological notice as well as the raw data used.

Callendar FloodRating: global warming effect on local flood and submersion risks

FloodRating helps users prepare for potential flooding. The rating take into account the probability and severity of fluvial, pluvial and coastal floods.
The resulting analyses probabilistically predict the expected flood level in any designated area. It is designed to help private and public sector organizations make informed decisions to prevent asset damage and property loss, and even save lives.

Callendar HeatRating: effect of climate change on extrem heat and cold events

HeatRating helps organizations mitigate the heat- and cold-related impacts of climate change, both on technical systems and human health.
The resulting analyses predict expected temperatures probabilistically across a range of variables necessary for informing power consumption, infrastructure design, agriculture, and public health and safety.

Callendar DroughtRating: high resolution drought projections using future climate models

DroughtRating assess the evolution of water ressources and aridity at local and watershed levels. It provides detailed, science-based data for river bassin managers and water users, including local authorities, farmers, power plants, and other industries dependent on river access for cooling.

Callendar FireRating: reliable wildfire risk assessment factoring climate change

FireRating quantifies risk from wildfire in a changing climate, facilitating mitigation of risk to lives, property and infrastructure.
FireRating captures current and future trends in drought, rain and forest health, using the latest available science and data to provide firefighters, local governements and infrastructure planners with reliable decision support.

Callendar GlobalRating: comprehensive physical climate risk analytics for assets and portfolio

GlobalRating is a comprehensive suite of asset-level physical risk analysis – DroughtRating, FloodRating, HeatRating and FireRating – designed to provide a 360° vision of climate risks for any given location.


Climate data and indicators

In addition to synthetic ratings, Callendar can provide an extensive set of hyperlocal climate data to perform your own analysis, including:

  • Sea
    • Sea level
    • Sea surge level (factoring tides, waves and storm surges)
    • Waves height
  • Temperature
    • Average air temperature
    • Max air temperature
    • Min air temperature
    • Freezing days
    • Heating degree-days
    • Cooling degree-days
    • Heatwave duration
    • Tropical nights
  • Rain and water
    • Average rainfall
    • Max daily rainfall
    • Average duration of drought
    • Aridity index
    • Average river discharge
    • 100-years max river discharge
    • Snowfall
    • Specific humidity
  • Wind
    • Average wind
    • Max wind
  • Other impacts indicators
    • Suitability for Aedes albopictus mosquitos
    • Fire weather index