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Callendar's data solutions and physical climate risk analytics have been adopted by some of the largest and most successful firms in infrastructure, power, and construction.

Callendar provides the data and expertise to assess the effects of climate change on your projects. Don't take any risks: our tools, designed to combine responsiveness and scientific rigour, help you make the right decisions wherever the current or future climate matters.

Callendar ClimateRating™

Local, state-of-the-art physical risk assessment for assets, property, and portfolios. Today, over the next decade, or in 50+ years. Anywhere on the planet.
données sur l'impact local du changement climatique

Callendar's ClimateRating™ is a range of synthetic climate risk analysis designed to deliver high resolution, ready-to-use hazards assessments in a timely and cost-efficient way using the most recent peer-reviewed climate impact projections and advanced automated data processing.

ClimateRating™ build upon our extensive data catalog, including dozens of the scientific community’s most respected physical models of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, detailled land use and elevation data, and long-term weather observations.

To ensure transparency and explicability, all our ratings include raw source data as well as an user guide that communicate methodologies and confidence levels, and details best practices for adaptation and risk mitigation. Additional support is available upon request.

Insights and case studies

How our tools and data are used in real-world situations to quantify and reduce climate risks